Amphetamine – speed, phet, Billy, Whizz

What is it?

Amphetamine is Britain’s least pure illegal drug. It can be bought in different forms including, tablets, powder and crystals, therefore it can be taken in many different ways too. Amphetamine powder is commonly dabbed onto the gums, sniffed or wrapped into a cigarette paper and swallowed which is known as a ‘bomb’.

What are the effects?

Amphetamine is a stimulant drug and causes parts of the body to speed up breathing rate, heart rate and raise body temperature. It makes people feel wide-awake, chatty and alert and it also suppresses the appetite so that people do not feel like eating. The effect can kick in within half an hour and last for up to six hours, but what goes up must come down and people can end up with two days of comedown, where they can feel irritable and depressed.

The risks

Regular use can lead to addiction; the more times you take it the more you need to get the same high. Due to the impurity of amphetamine you can never be really sure what you are taking. Amphetamine depresses the immune system and people who use regularly can get a lot of coughs and colds. It can also lead to mental health problems including anxiety, depression, aggression and paranoia.

The law

Amphetamine is a class B drug, except when it is prepared for injection it becomes a class A drug. It is illegal to have, sell or give away.

The Hub

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